Flash, bang, poof...there are lots of ways to spend money on the Internet without any real return on that investment. Yes, Grayowl can develop Flash® based websites. See the photo galleries on this site for an effective use of Flash®. But, sites that use Flash® may be fancy and may be easy for developers using templates, but the truth is most search engines still don't effectively index Flash based sites (meaning no finding you in Google, Yahoo, MSN). Also, people on dialup modems (yes there are still a few), mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone), visually impaired and many other potential customers may never find or be able to view your site. Grayowl uses standard XHTML and CSS along with javascript, flash, PHP and other state of the art tools to build your website to meet your needs and budget.

We can optimize your site for search engine placement, help you implement a keyword based search engine campaign and help you use real world marketing techniques to drive traffic to your site. Need eCommerce? Grayowl has been a registered developer with Paypal® since the beginnings of the Paypal API shopping cart interface. Other carts and systems are also available.

Grayowl doesn't lock you in to using us for updates and changes. By using CSS to develop the look and style of your website, changes to web pages aren't difficult. If you have frequent product updates and catalog changes, a PHP/MySQL website makes it easy to remove products, update product information and upload new products without learning the languages of the web. We can also help you hook your marketing campaign into social sites like MySpace and Facebook. The newest trend in online marketing is video. Grayowl can shoot, edit and produce YouTube and other video to embed in your website and use in viral marketing campaigns. We have a wide selection of licensed music for backgrounds, video production and editing equipment, studio lighting, blue screen backgrounds...

A couple recent Grayowl websites: The Native Orchid Conference Notice the small Flash slide show on the home page, which catches the eye but doesn't slow down loading of the important information on the page. Also check out the extensive native orchid photo collection on the site. Flash is used to display the images to help prevent piracy of the member's photos. Grayowl created all the thumbnails on the photo page and all the galleries from member submitted photos.
Also visit Hillside Herbs Grayowl developed the CSS style sheet, basic HTML templates, obtained the hosting company and setup the site and then turned it over to the two sisters who own the company who continue to update and add to the site with a little help from friends.
Other examples are available by request.

CDs, DVDs, other mediaGrayowl can expertly master, reproduce and package audio CDs, CD-ROM catalogs and marketing materials and short run DVDs. When planning marketing for your company, don't forget the low cost of short run CDs and DVDs. These multimedia products can include video, audio and your full catalog in color for less than the cost of a printed color catalog. And unlike printed materials, CDs can be produced on demand in smaller quantities and updated at low cost. Grayowl can even provide custom printed blank CD-R or DVD-R media and a turnkey multimedia product you can update or customize to today's needs and burn in your own computer in minutes. The end result is a custom (can even include the customers name) professional looking marketing tool that doesn't go stale on your shelf. Video can be included on both CDs and DVDs to add an extra dimension to catalogs.
Grayowl can produce Powerpoint® presentations and deliver them on CD or thumb drive in single quantities or by the thousands. Let us help you put your ideas, products and services into a unique multimedia marketing tool.

Photoshop® classes scheduled for February. Dates and details.